Daniel Boldor

Chief Executive Officer
As CEO of Terra Resources, Mr. Boldor has led the company through the acquisition, feasibility, permitting, financing and construction of the Romplumb secondary processing pilot programme in addition to securing the the acquisition and remediation rights to Cuprom.
Daniel has played a pivotal role in promoting the emergence of slag and tailing management industry in Romania. He has a proven track record of growing businesses in Romania and delivering considerable shareholder value.
Daniel possesses deep professional experience in the mining, distribution and real estate sectors. His expertise includes the development and leadership of strategic planning, and restructuring, as well as liaising with shareholders, local governments, and financial institutions.
Under his leadership, the company acquired a substantial asset base in Romania entailing tailing ponds, slag & dross stockpiles, a commercial warehousing facility as well as overseeing a programme of modernisation work at the company’s pilot plant.
Daniel’s experience covers operational management, plant safety, business improvement, and operational leadership, extending across copper, gold, silver and lead in Romania.

Richard S. Vasey

Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Vasey has been practicing law in Washington DC area, United States since 2002.
He has worked as outside counsel to private companies engaged in mining and processing. He has advised clients with respect to corporate finance activities, corporate governance and continuous disclosure matters, and mineral-related commercial agreements. Mr. Vasey holds a LLM from Georgetown University and a JD MBA from Temple Law and Business.
He supervises revenue, expenditure budgeting and administration at Terra Resources, as well as budgeting and analysis of investment projects and the company’s tendering processes.
Mr. Vasey heads Terra Resources’ subsidiary Exiteco LLC office which is responsible for the long-term planning of company’s business activities, relations with banking, institutions investors, organisation of bookkeeping and tax accounting, relations with the tax authorities, international accounting, financial services management, and internal inspection and audit activities.

Shantanu Agrawal

Commercial Director

As an experienced International Metal Trader & Commercial Manager, Shantanu brings to the table a track record of leading trading activities, all aspects of commercial management, & sale of Industrial and Hazardous Materials (Metal Scraps, Ores, Concentrates, De-graded feeds, Secondaries, slags and dross, by products, Spent Catalysts etc.) and other related by-Products.

Over the years, he has augmented business value by leading sales & business development initiatives, devising and executing growth strategies, and facilitating profitable alliances across the mining and metal processing/recycling industry. Additionally, he has been involved in procurement, shipping, and generation of Upstream & Downstream of Materials in geographically diverse regions.

Orsalan Ben-Rejeb

Business Development

Orsalan supports industry, company (both debt and equity) analysis and valuation, investment opportunities, construction of economic scenarios and stress testing to identify key drivers for optimising project value at Terra Resources. Additionally, he is responsible for co-ordinating all corporate presentations, monthly reports and annual reports among shareholders and stakeholders. A graduate of King’s College London and the University of Hong Kong.

Consulting and Advisory

Hakan Goyenc

Engineering and Processing
Mr. Goyenc is the founder of CH Engineering and Consultancy company which specialises in providing engineering & design studies, procurement as well as construction services for gold mining projects. CH Engineering offers a diverse range of services from equipment supply to turnkey plant construction.
Most prominently, Mr. Goyencs ‘ construction arm Proccea is an Ariana Resources (LON: AAU) joint venture partner to develop the Red Rabbit Gold Mine.
Mr Goyenc is one of Turkey’s most respected and experienced mining engineers with extensive industry knowledge and high technical expertise.