Exiteco LLC

Subsidiary of Terra Resources LLC

Headed by Richard S.Vasey Exiteco LLC carries out legal due diligence, risk management and financing activities for our operations. The company seeks to extract a value added margin at each stage of the commodity chain from processing to delivery – to create value for all stakeholders. The strategy is not only focused on minimising costs and maximising operational efficiencies; it’s focused on maximising returns through the entire supply chain. 

Furthermore, the existence of infrastructure for beneficiation and transport, concentrated in a small geographic area; existence of material base with long-term operating prospects; possibility of placement for modern processing lines on existing sites; has helped identify opportunities to grow our business through acquisitions. Some of our valuable producing assets were formed through the diligent acquisition of numerous smaller sites and residue heaps which we then patiently integrated and developed over a number of years.

Integrated Approach:  Comprehensive, integrated and interactive financial planning is at the heart of everything Exiteco LLC does.  We begin with a complete inventory of all resources, a comprehensive discussion of values, goals and budgeting requirements.  
Goal Oriented: Objective-based preparation is the basis behind both recommendations and planning. When a correctly allocated portfolio is built in the best interests of the project, it will continue to be tracked to ensure that the final targets are fulfilled.