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Recovery of Gold and Silver from Anodic Slime

A pilot program has started to determine the feasibility of processing and separating precious metal residues from anodic sludge material from Cuprom.

The recovery of gold and silver from anodic slime is carried out in two broad phases:

  • Removal of copper from anodic slime by washing-removal of the accompanying metals (impurities) by pyrometallurgical procedures
  • Removal of precious metals by electrolytic procedures

Where does Anodic Slime come from?

During the refining of copper, anode slimes are collected from the base of the electrolytic cells. Depending on the sources they are obtained from, there are two different types of slime. The first is produced during the production of copper concentrate, which has a relatively high content of gold, silver, tellurium and selenium, and the second is produced during recycling.


Currently Terra Resources has signed a cooperation agreement with a Bucharest-based refiner to carry out additional testwork on value-bearing material. The outcome of laboratory tests will determine whether recoveries are favourable enough to warrant further development and construction of a plant at Cuprom.