About Us


Terra Resources portfolio in Romania resulted from recognition of its development potential, and “early-mover” execution of the prospect generation business model. The properties were acquired at minimal cost through the application of in-region geologic knowledge, and value was built over time with self-funded test work.

The company’s mission is to be a sustainable land management company that delivers value through innovation and partnerships with stakeholders. Terra Resources focuses on maximizing the efficiency of each of its  resources through operational excellence to deliver safe and reliable production.

The Company is also focused on building a pipeline of future growth opportunities that leverages that same expertise to unlock value and generate a superior return on capital employed.

Terra Resources is committed to good international industry practices in all aspects of its operations including production, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

Why Romania?

  • One of the largest markets in Central and Eastern Europe (ranking 7th in EU, with over 21 million inhabitants);
  • Highly skilled labor force at competitive prices (solid knowledge in foreign languages, technology, engineering)
  • Rich natural resources, including surface and underground waters, fertile agricultural land, oil and gas;
  • Continuously improving infrastructure (Executive’s commitment to improve the highway infrastructure to EU standards);
  • Well-developed networks of mobile telecommunications in GSM systems;
  • Highly developed industrial infrastructure, including oil and petrochemicals;
  • Presence of branch offices and representatives of various well-known international banks;
  • Extensive maritime and river navigation facilities.
  • Sound fiscal policy (16% flat tax)