About Us

Romania has a long history of mining minerals such as gold, copper, lead, zinc, silver, manganese, salt and coal. However, due to years of environmentally hazardous exploitation and extraction technologies, the mines and related ore extraction industries have affected the environment negatively, resulting in a significant environmental burden on soil, water, air and ecosystems. 

Terra Resources LLC is involved in environmental remediation and the acquisition of secondary material acquired from local authorities in different locations across the country, our operation is based on processing, testing, logistics and export. Terra Resources has set up its business model to generate superior returns by ensuring it focuses on complementary and high return investments on undervalued mineral assets in Romania while simultaneously remediating heavily polluted zones.

Why work with us?

Localised Knowledge and Experience

Terra Resources’ team has built up specialist knowledge of remediation and secondary material processing through its consultations with metallurgists and its ability to cultivate partnerships with recognised names in the business.

Smart Acquisitions

Our ability to identify, produce and acquire undervalued resources through diligent acquisition strategies and joint ventures secured under Terra’s American subsidiary Exiteco LLC which carries out legal due diligence, finance and management

Resource Potential

Initial estimates indicate an extensive, poorly explored resource background of Copper, Gold, Silver, Lead and Zinc resources. Terra Resources is in an advantageous position to capitalise on undervalued resources with tremendous upside potential.

Environmental Commitment

Our projects fall in line with Terra Resources’ main principle – to remediate heavily polluted zones. It is our commitment to the environment that allows us to leverage our expertise to local stakeholders.



Terra Resources continues to aggressively seek opportunities to obtain or procure joint ventures with other companies owning or seeking to process its underperforming, unknown or undervalued assets throughout other parts of Romania.


Terra Resources aims to remediate sites that have been an environmental challenge in Maramures County, specifically Baia Mare. Terra Resources is working with local authorities to ensure conversion of territories with years of environmental degradation and pollution to lands that no longer pose a viable threat to the surrounding public.

Secondary Material Processing

Terra Resources has obtained specific assets, known in the field as secondary material, potentially with millions of tons of undiscovered, untouched and undervalued low-to-medium grade non-ferrous and precious metals ready for proper technological processing. Terra Resources aims to convert low-to-medium secondary material in to highly valuable material for sale to the marketplace.

The Company is in the process of investigating the safe and viable recovery of anodic slime precious metal credits. The electrolytic refining of the copper anode creates slimes that rely on the raw materials used in the furnace to melt copper. Anodic slimes generally contain substantial amounts of silver and gold and are processed for the value of the precious metals. The Company has not yet determined whether its properties contain quantities that are economically recoverable.



Terra Resources has conducted its own studies and test work to determine the viability of winning the contained metals from the secondary material stockpiles. The Company is principally interested in producing Copper from the material, but also plans to pursue the production of gold and silver from two separate perimeters.


The project involves the metallurgical processing and recovery of value-bearing material from secondary waste streams to produce precious metal refinables at the Cuprom industrial site and refinery.

  • The strategic agreements are an exciting commercial opportunity and represents a major step in executing Terra Resources’ new global commercial strategy.

    Richard S. Vasey
    Chief Financial Officer